Explanation of the Channels



They are broadcasted through Eutelsat Hotbird (13º East) at the frequency 10.207 MHz H (SR 27500, FEC 3/4).

The FreeX pack offers 3 channels for adults classified by gender: with FreeX TV, FreeX TV2, X-Dream TV, there is a program for every different person and at every time during the day.
FreeX TV was launched on 2003 and it has more than 700,000 people attendance. It is a revolution and, shortly, it will have one million of attendance due to the emitting of their channels in Europe and Middle East. For the best users, it is important to take into account that FreeX TV offers a totally free access to a wide range of erotic films. However, one of the characteristics of FreeX TV is that it offers a wide variation of movies of many different styles for many different countries. Moreover, all the films are emitted in Original Version. Besides the 15 normal emissions, FreeX TV offers also a new film everyday, in order to propose a high variation of content and multiplying the opportunity of enjoying it.
FreeX TV2 consists in displaying the best selection of FreeX TV classified by genders. Each day of the week, one different gender (gay, lesbic, etc..).
X-Dream TV is opened to everyone. X-Dream TV gives the possibility of exploring your wildest erotic dreams, directly through TV. Become the star of your own reality sending your home-made videos. Every week, the best videos are selected and emitted. X-Dream TV also emits 24 hours of intense pleasure everyday. You can make real all your erotic fantasies at anytime without any interruption. At anytime of the day there is one film waiting for you. X-Dream TV introduces you into a world of sex in all the different manners and colors, with a special treatment that makes them different, due to it shows a lot of adult films without interruptions.